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Aspirants who have the interest may apply for this job. Areraj Located 30 km to the southwest of Motihari, the village of Areraj has religious importance. On the 13th of November, Mahatma Gandhi opened his first school at Barharwa Lakhansen, a village at a distance of about 20 miles to the east of Motihari.

In Ertiga, all the models are available with driver airbag. Thousands of pilgrims throng this mela and pay their respects to Lord Ram and Sita Mata. People had to vacate their houses and had to take shelter on the roofs or some other higher places.

Sitakund Sitakund is a village located 16 km to the southeast of Motihari.

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The selected candidates may get the best pay scale by the Bihar Government. It also contains Gandhiji's courageous statement given before the Magistrate inscribed on a stone.

Almost three-fourth of Motihari town was flooded by river water and places like Daroga Tola, Jaadbhari, Belbanawa, Thakurbari, Rajendranagar, Jaanpur, Banjaria, Pandaal and Chhitauni were more affected than others.

Lodgy's 85 PS variants get a 5-speed manual transmission whereas the PS variants get a 6-speed manual transmission. Originally the Kesaria Stupa was reported to have been feet tall, 12 feet taller than the Borobodur stupa, which is feet, according to the A.

Bakuntha Nath Temple is located at 21 km. The applicants may send their application form on or before 13th September The farmers then apply for bail and get it. There was a heavy shower in Raxaul area on 12th August, Courts of Sub-Judge started functioning in the year at Motihari under the judgeship Muzzafarpur District.

According to the story, the Buddha also asked Licchivis to return to Vaishali after giving them "Begging Bowl, and it was believed that the Stupa in Kesaria known to the people as "Raja Ben ka deora" was built by Licchivis of Vaishali before the Buddha attained Nirvana.

At times, this water logging acquires unbearable proportions and water even enters homes of the farmers. The details like Eligibility, Selection process, etc.Sl. No.

East Champaran district

Full Name. Date of Birth. Father's/Husband Name. Residential and Professional Address: License no. and date through which the name of notary is entered in the register.

Hardiyabad, Motihari, Dist. East Champaran Hardiyabad Damodarpur Near Of Shipra Police Station Stanit East Champaran, Hardiyabad, Motihari -Dist.


East Champaran, Bihar. School,Motihari East Champaran High School,malahi East Champaran High School,Sukhisemara East Champaran Jilla School,mothihari East Champaran Boys high school,Areraja East Champaran High School, Badakagav East Champaran Project Girls High School, Badakagav East Champaran High School, Purandar malahi.

Driving Licence in EAST CHAMPARAN District, BIHAR Apply Driving Licence in EAST CHAMPARAN District, BIHAR-You can Apply New Driving Licence, Learning Driving Licence and Heavy Driving Licence in EAST CHAMPARAN. Health Profile of East Champaran District.

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of Health Facility in East Champaran District. 1 District Sadar Hospital 1 2 First Refferal Unit (Sadar Hospital, Chakia, Dhaka, Areraj,Pakaridayal) 5 3 Refferal Hospital (Chakia. Above: Cover photo and map from NIDM report of Bihar floods Guest blog by Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mishra.

Floods in East Champaran started following the heavy rainfall in the last week of July

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Diet east champaran motihari
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